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WhatsApp for sales: find out four tips for using this channel

Por Thamara Araujo

22 abril 2021 - 14:16 | Atualizado em 23 junho 2021 - 14:18

The junction of commerce and technology is a sample of how the twenty-first century acts nowadays. The possibility of connecting through several different channels allows business owners to have more chances of closing deals. Sales via WhatsApp are also interesting options nowadays.

Surveys have shown that the messaging app WhatsApp is used by up to 93% of Brazilian phone numbers, and this shows a very high adherence compared to other apps. So, investing in this communication tool can influence sales.

If you are interested in it, we’ll show you how WhatsApp sales should be done, such as converting this communication channel to a corporate tool.

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WhatsApp sales: did you know it was possible?

When the messaging app WhatsApp took Brazil by storm in mid-2014, the single proposal of this channel was to offer a more free-flowing communication between users. However, the app adoption was so high that it attracted Facebook’s powerful owner Mark Zuckerberg, and he ended up buying the platform.

In Zuckerberg’s hands, the app has gained several features, including sales. If you have your business and want to use this channel to close your deals, it is possible to install WhatsApp Business and have automatized messages, payment, and other catalog-like features.

This option helps businesspeople have a communication channel to talk to the buyers and get closer to the users since many Brazilians are fans of the app.


WhatsApp for sales: 4 tips for converting the channel

Even though WhatsApp for sales is a remarkably interesting option, business owners cannot handle the channel so informally. It is necessary to set up sales options, keep a comprehensive language and show the business is trustworthy.

For this reason, we sorted four crucial tips for you to convert your WhatsApp Business into an effective business tool, that shows formality and engagement with the buyer. See them below:

  1. Redirect properly

When suggesting WhatsApp for sales, know how to redirect the users properly. Sending the app link without even explaining may sound too informal and may seem unreliable.

Put the link for accessing WhatsApp Business on other communication channels, but let people know it is the main one. Do not use canned messages such as “prices via WhatsApp” or “questions only via WhatsApp” because it might frighten the buyer away.

  1. Use the WhatsApp tools

To get an even better use of WhatsApp for sales, it is essential to use the tools the app itself provides. Fill in the catalog with your products, put their description and price, besides other important information.

Automate messages on the app, as there is always someone available all day to assist the customers. Welcoming messages, main questions, and redirect to the catalog are good contents that can be automated.

  1. Take advantage of the WhatsApp Pay payment option

Since we’re using such a widespread message app, how about facilitating the payment? Letting WhatsApp Pay available for the users to make their shopping may support the process of commercialization.

For this purpose, it only takes you to have the feature enabled and the buyer registering their personal card or bank account to make the payment. With this feature, it is unnecessary to open other apps to make the payment: people finalize the purchase right there.

  1. Have a well-defined communication

Ultimately, sales on WhatsApp may be more relaxed, but in no circumstances should the seller communicate unclearly. The buyer needs reliability when keeping a relationship through the app, so be clear and objective in your conversations.

Show the prices, explain how the items shipping process works, give them other payment methods. It simplifies the communication between both sides and helps sales via WhatsApp.

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How can a chatbot help sales via WhatsApp?

When using WhatsApp for sales, we do not always have someone available all the time for the service. That may interfere in communication once the buyer always looks for quick answers and prefers business with readiness in response.

To speed up this process, a remarkably interesting option is adopting chatbots with automated messages. With this feature, it is possible to show the products available, important store information beyond other messages to streamline the sales procedure.

It is also an option for answering users when the store is not working. As WhatsApp is Always available and people are online 24/7, it is pretty common to receive messages through the night or outside working hours. Automatizing a message indicating the store is closed will avoid harassment from customers.

However, WhatsApp for sales is an interesting choice for companies that want to expand their commerce/communication channels. Even though the app seems too informal, there are ways to make it commercial and bring more reliability to your business.

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Por Thamara Araujo

22 abril 2021 - 14:16 | Atualizado em 23 junho 2021 - 14:18

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