como criar um chatbot para whatsapp como criar um chatbot para whatsapp

Chatbot for WhatsApp: how to create yours using Artificial Intelligence.

Por Thamara Araujo

24 novembro 2020 - 13:50 | Atualizado em 23 junho 2021 - 13:59

The use of chatbot for WhatsApp is commonly focused on automated customer service. Therefore, several challenges require attention in this strategy. Without the proper knowledge, the chances of ruining the user experience are high.

So, understanding how to develop an appropriate solution is needed. As WhatsApp is a broadly used app in Brazil, companies started using it in customer relations. As technology advanced, there was an opportunity to automate the tool to broaden interactivity and streamline this service.

But what are the rules to implement artificial intelligence in the relations strategies? In this article, you will find some steps and tips for implementing a chatbot in WhatsApp for your business!


How to use a WhatsApp chatbot

Embedding a WhatsApp chatbot may be easier than it looks, but it is necessary to understand how this technology works. The initiative is based on the generation of a chatbot that answers according to the user’s interaction. It is a robot that is exclusively drafted to mimic a digital conversation, solving problems and questions with intuitive answers, among other activities.

For this purpose, it needs to be trained and enabled to understand the clients’ interactions and commands. As with any artificial intelligence, a chatbot works under rules. Learning these conditions is what allows the algorithm to increase its knowledge over time continuously. Thus, the algorithm gets to improve its accuracy, offering a quality service.

An automation alternative is WhatsApp Business, an exclusive version to connect companies to clients. It is possible to find a basic API for automating conversations, allowing a chatbot to deal with messages. Besides that, account verification improves security for the user.


Benefits of artificial intelligence on WhatsApp

The role of artificial intelligence is to perform repetitive tasks in automation-enabled environments. In WhatsApp’s case, these tasks focus on interacting with users, to bring several benefits for the company. The main purpose is to enhance the service range, bringing more efficiency and user satisfaction at a lower cost. Human workforce has some restrictions, such as hour limits per day and emotional factors, that may interfere with the nature of the relations.

The WhatsApp chatbot can be configured to work 24 hours per day, helping those who need answers beyond office hours. By investing in artificial intelligence, it is possible to reduce the number of operators and save call center costs. As many people are simultaneously answered via WhatsApp, your business gains scalability. The clients do not have to wait in line for their turn, since the response is immediate. Besides, technology drives call center demands down, allowing the team to focus on more specific challenges.

The robot takes responsibility for the first attendance and filters out who needs a more thorough contact to solve their questions. It can also use the information for creating a more customized experience, using more detailed scripts as it accesses the client history.

Thus, the main benefits of WhatsApp-oriented artificial intelligence are cost reduction, service efficiency and scalability, process improvement, and customization of relations.


Which tasks may benefit from artificial intelligence in WhatsApp?

Bots can be used in many ways in customer service via WhatsApp. They can solve the most common practical problems, answer questions, make appointments, and even complete forms. It is also possible to customize the service technology to set up notifications, such as reminders for non-paid bills or notices about updates, negotiating proposals, and available offers.

For that matter, artificial intelligence on WhatsApp can help different sectors in a company, such as the commercial sector, the call center, or the collection department.


Practical tips for using chatbots in automated services

Creating a WhatsApp chatbot is easier than it looks, but it is important to follow a well-planned strategy. Next, we will show some tips on implementing artificial intelligence in your service!

  1. Install WhatsApp Business

As mentioned, WhatsApp Business is a tool suited for companies that wish to manage their relations with clients on the WhatsApp platform. This version requires some steps, such as the solicitation of a business number and filling an application with the website link and the commercial representative data.

  1. Consider a gradual scale

Try to use few features When creating your chatbot. At first, the idea is to gradually mature artificial intelligence to respond to the most basic requests. Both your business and the tool itself will still be in adjustment status. For this reason, we recommend gradually develop the level of complexity as the bot develops to interact with your users.

  1. Establish what will be answered

Machine learning depends on how you want it to be used. That’s why it’s crucial to define which are the main questions to be answered. Consider your target audience, their more frequent questions, and requests, and how the chatbot should address them. Take also into consideration how to answer the questions artificial intelligence will not be able to solve. No question must be left unanswered, even if there is no effective solution. For instance, in those cases, your robot can guide them to customized service with your team.

  1. Have your database

For improving the data used by your chatbot and hosting what the tool generates, you will need a database. WhatsApp requires this step for maintaining end-to-end encryption. This also helps create a test app as a base for a complete version, providing better visualization of the changes before investing in your artificial intelligence tool.

  1. Seek specialized help

There is no need to puzzle over developing your chatbot from scratch. There are several chatbot platforms ready to use in the market that may adapt to your business. Technology companies as Cedro Technologies provide already trained and developed models for adapting to your needs.

  1. Test your chatbot

Before allowing client access, perform a test to ensure your artificial intelligence is ready to answer your clients’ requests on WhatsApp. Make questions and Interact with your robot to provide a friendly user experience to address any possible mistake.


How to create a chatbot for WhatsApp

To communicate WhatsApp and the bot, a WABA account is needed (WhatsApp Business API). Here we have the flux of interaction between the client and your company in all spheres.

The WABA account goes through two verification steps. The first is the verification account at Facebook Business. This process allows Facebook to validate your company through the submission of some documents.

After verification, it is necessary to go through a second analysis according to the WhatsApp Commerce Policy.

After these verifications, you will be able to use the chatbot in integration with your company’s number. Platform support is necessary for creating your WhatsApp chatbot. There are several in the market, and one of them is PEOPLE.


Meet People

When seeking a quality artificial intelligence solution for helping your service via WhatsApp, look for a quality technology company to develop your virtual assistant. Meet People, by Cedro Technologies, an exclusive chatbot to offer 24-hour service. Our solution can be integrated into WhatsApp and other service platforms, such as Facebook and Skype. Besides that, you can customize it according to your audience’s needs. Now that you already know how to enhance your service by implementing artificial intelligence in WhatsApp, it’s time to turn this knowledge into practice!

242Follow our tips in this article to create your bot and get to know People, our communication platform! Are you convinced of the strength and benefits of chatbots? PEOPLE is the tool you need to boost your company’s communication and increase its digital presence! Please contact us and get to know more!

Por Thamara Araujo

24 novembro 2020 - 13:50 | Atualizado em 23 junho 2021 - 13:59

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