Six benefits of implementing PEOPLE chatbot platform!

Por Thamara Araujo

11 maio 2021 - 14:20 | Atualizado em 23 junho 2021 - 14:23

Do you know how  PEOPLE chatbot platform can reduce your business costs? The tool brings a handful of advantages that directly impact your expenses and revenues.

With automation and the possibility of providing holistic support for your clients, the system benefits several fronts of your business, from the sales area to IT sectors, to customer service and relationships. Check out how PEOPLE chatbot advantages help your company reduce costs and know more about the platform. Keep reading to find out!


    1. Customer satisfaction

With PEOPLE chatbot, you can provide 24/7 customer service without any extra costs. Imagine how much it would cost to hire teams to fulfill shifts during this period.

With an 8-hour workday in mind, you would need to hire three teams to rotate shifts (including weekends), which would increase your business costs.

Besides that, your clients can be served any day, any time, without any waiting with holistic and customized service. This itself already contributes to higher satisfaction of those clients. Additionally, using chatbots streamlines the service and the problem solving, providing a positive customer experience.

With high-quality service, your business increases the chances of building customer loyalty, which means saving resources. After all, bringing in a new customer is more expensive than keeping the one that already buys from you.

Besides that, by keeping the customers’ loyalty, you can sell more for the same clients through after-sale strategies such as upselling (selling more quality products) and cross-selling (selling complementary products). With this, your business has its costs reduced, and its revenues, increased.


    2. Productivity improvement

Some of the advantages of implementing the PEOPLE chatbot platform in your business are unburdening the team and avoiding manual errors and rework, which result in financial damage. Thus, it is possible to considerably improve the team’s productivity since it eliminates the need for manual tasks and streamlines processes through automation.

Besides that, with automated answers for frequent and simple questions, the chatbots reduce the team’s repetitive activities, which won’t need to answer the same questions constantly.

Thus, the staff can take more time to build strategies to bring better results for the business. They can also provide a more customized service for the clients because they have more time to know their real needs.

You can also promote periodic training on the platform and customer service to sharpen the team, improve service quality, and make the team work with more motivation.


    3. Turnover reduction

PEOPLE chatbot avoids your team being overwhelmed, which reduces the turnover. The quality of working life increases in the long run. Hiring employees is not an easy process; it involves efforts and preparing contracting methodologies, besides bureaucracy. And the process is certainly not cheap.

Besides, each new employee that joins the company goes through a learning curve that may take a while. If you need to worry about hiring people to fill in the gap caused by turnover, your company may become somewhat stalled, and it causes a considerable increase in costs.

Thus, by adding to the increase of the team’s productivity, the chatbots help create a better work environment, where the staff feel more motivated in their functions and do not need to iron out problems every time.


    4. Lean team

With PEOPLE chatbot platform, you can count on categorization and call filters, besides the possibility of delegating the function for specific agents and prioritizing requests.

Thus, the customer service process gets smoother, more organized, and controlled. So, it is not necessary to hire more people for your team, reducing hiring costs.


    5. Less IT costs

PEOPLE chatbot platform can be incorporated into your company’s internal system. The process is relatively easy, and it is unnecessary to call the IT team to conclude it.

You have access to all the main data for streamlining the workflow by using the platform, further improving the built-in chatbot’s performance.

    6. Guaranteed sales

As the PEOPLE chatbot platform allows offering holistic support, you avoid sales losses due to lack of response to customers. The system guarantees everybody gets an immediate answer and records the contact made.

Besides that, chatbots can send sales presentations, reducing team efforts and streamlining sales processes. Thus, besides reducing costs, the chatbot tool boosts your sales and consequently your revenues.

Now that you already know all the benefits of such a system and how it helps reduce your business costs, how about learning more about the tool? So, get to know the PEOPLE communication platform!


Por Thamara Araujo

11 maio 2021 - 14:20 | Atualizado em 23 junho 2021 - 14:23

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